Happy Postcards

These postcards were part of my editorial project “Hingehoert”, which means “listened”. It is a project about how music affects our well-being and included a self-experiment, in which I listened to depressing music for 10 days and then to happy music for 10 days. I measured the effects it had on my well-being by taking psychological questionnaires and keeping a diary (spoiler alert: yes, the music you listen to does indeed have effects on your well-being).

Anyways, these typographic postcards were part of the happy music phase and contain quotes from songs that I consider “happy songs”. I used Molotow Markers, the ones Andreas Uebele shows in my documentary

Here are the songs:

  1. The Beach Boys — Good Vibrations
  2. The String Cheese Incident — Joyful Sound
  3. Cults — Always Forever
  4. Bobby McFerrin — Don’t Worry Be Happy